Monday, 10 October 2011

Half Marathon on road to recovery

When your target is 42 km, half marathon becomes so easy!

After the trial run of 29 mins on 28 Sep my next training run was an hour on 3 Oct. Ran Waitakere Half Marathon on 9 Oct at 2:08, occasionally coughing and sniffing.

My system is still on recovery mode after the cold and chest infection. I'm still operating on sub 100% mode. Should I risk my health running while still recovering? Should I be running at all? Questions like this keep popping in my head. I just can't sit back and wait. I had to run that 21K on 9 Oct for confidence, and to test my level of fitness if I am to run the marathon on 30 Oct. I am pleased with the half marathon result. I was running at easy pace;  didn't want to exhaust myself after not running for a few weeks.

This mental battle with sickness has now turned out to be another marathon I'm having to deal with. As I said in my last post - am I taking a calculated risk or am I being dumb by deciding to run despite my sickness? The answer is - I don't know. Time will tell. I shall find out by Oct 30. Until then, I will keep running.

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