Friday, 28 October 2011

The Countdown Begins ...

Tomorrow at 6:10 AM the race begins...

Got my race pack yesterday. All gears are lined-up for tomorrow - t-shirt, shorts, shoe, socks and so on. I am wearing a red t-shirt and blue shorts to resemble colors with Nepali flag. iPod has been recharged with chosen playlist for the day. 

Having mixed feeling of excitement, self-doubt and confidence. I feel ready to run!
Signing out with the following lines from Event Information from Adidas Auckland Marathon website:

"We get few opportunities in our lives to really push ourselves ... where we challenge ourselves physically, mentally and emotionally. A running event or race is not a sport that most of us enter to win. It’s an experience we commit to so we can push ourselves beyond our normal boundaries  - no matter whether this is your first or tenth event, that challenge is the same."

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