Sunday, 11 September 2011

Distance is afterall... relative!

Runs (mins) for the last two weeks:
Aug 29-Sep 4: Mon 30, Wed 70, Sat 37, Sun 190
Sep 5-11: Mon 23, Wed 30, Friday (30) and Sunday (150) runs missed :(

I find it interesting that when I was training for a Half Marathon event, my training runs of 80 mins felt so long. For my marathon training, I'm now already running distances longer than 21km. I have ran up to 27km, which did not feel onerously long. After all, measure of distance is all relative, isn't it?

An hour's run now seems like a warm up. However, 3 hrs feels real long. Up to 2 hr feels OK. Beyond 2 hr I start to loose concentration. I have to keep reminding myself to concentrate and to keep my focus. I often repeat to myself, "focus, focus, focus". It is amazing how once you negotiate the negative thoughts in your head, rest of your body parts, such as your legs, quite gladly help you despite their fatigue. 

I am finding it hard to keep my earlier promise of updating this blog weekly. I am now on a target of writing fortnightly.

Target run (mins) for the week of Sept 12-18: Mon 30, Wed 80, Fri 40, Sun 215

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