Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Back on the Road Again!

After 2 long arduous sick weeks, I ran 29 mins this evening. I feel good. I am ready to run again.

How did I feel not being able to run since 13 Sep? - Crap beyond words!

I spent my lonely days in sickbed doing a lot of soul-searching about the first marathon of my life that was fast slipping away from my grip. The flu I had in the first week turned into a full blown bronchitis by second week. I coughed until my ribs got sore; I have taken tons of pills by now including two different antibiotics. By 20 Sep, I had started to realise the unfolding in front of me of the unthinkable - not being able to run my race. The very thought of it was gut wrenching; the guilt of letting down my charity and supporters was nauseating.

I not only missed important training session in the last two weeks between Sep 13 and 27 but also lost my peaking (running the maximum distance) and tapering (gradually reducing running distance) plans. The plan was of peaking on the first week of October, run half-marathon on 2nd week, then gradually taper over the remaining 3 weeks leading to the run on Oct 30. Instead, I am now having to frantically assess my options. At one hand, I have the option of completely giving up the event and nursing my lungs bruised and bled from the nasty bronchitis. On the other hand, I could complete the race by hook or by crook. Either of this is still a reality. I have a feeling or I should say I wish I would end up doing something in between.

The bugs took me down but I refused to give up hope. They haven't killed me means I must have come out stronger. During the sick weeks, I kept thinking "I am going to give running a go as soon as I recover". I was reading about running with sickness and after chest infection. What I read were not encouraging. They mainly said if you run soon after a chest infection, you go down for long. My doctor had completely ruled out my chance of running the race. However, here I am - on my feet again and running. Is this going to be a decision based on calculated risk or a big mistake? Time will tell in a few days.

By the way, I haven't yet given up my plan to run a half-marathon on Oct 9 as part of the marathon training.

Runs (mins) I wished I did not miss:
Sep 13-18: Wed 80, Fri 40, Sun 215
Sep 19-25: Mon 30, Wed 60, Fri 30, Sun 170
Sep 26-28: Mon 30, Wed 90

I will sorely miss my longest planned training run of 4 hr this Sunday. I don't want to risk it all by making the silly mistake of still going for it. Instead, I'm now thinking of running 3+hr on Oct 16. Will see. I'll first have to wait to find how my lungs and still-on-antibiotic system reacts to my run today. One step at a time!


Monday, 19 September 2011

Good News Bad News

Good News first. Fund raise now has crossed the $ 1k milestone. Looking forward to more contribution in the final weeks.

Now the dreadful news. I have been sick since last week. Had a viral infection (kind of cold) early in the week. Now the bacteria have also joined in and are feasting on my respiratory system. I have got no idea when I will be fit again to run. I am hoping to hit the road next week. If there was ever a wrong time to be sick, it was the month of September and here we go. Murphy's law in action there, I guess. I also have got no clue how missing training for 2 weeks at this crucial stage is going to effect my run.

Despite this set-back, I am positive. I will flush these bugs out of my system. And I will be back!

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Distance is afterall... relative!

Runs (mins) for the last two weeks:
Aug 29-Sep 4: Mon 30, Wed 70, Sat 37, Sun 190
Sep 5-11: Mon 23, Wed 30, Friday (30) and Sunday (150) runs missed :(

I find it interesting that when I was training for a Half Marathon event, my training runs of 80 mins felt so long. For my marathon training, I'm now already running distances longer than 21km. I have ran up to 27km, which did not feel onerously long. After all, measure of distance is all relative, isn't it?

An hour's run now seems like a warm up. However, 3 hrs feels real long. Up to 2 hr feels OK. Beyond 2 hr I start to loose concentration. I have to keep reminding myself to concentrate and to keep my focus. I often repeat to myself, "focus, focus, focus". It is amazing how once you negotiate the negative thoughts in your head, rest of your body parts, such as your legs, quite gladly help you despite their fatigue. 

I am finding it hard to keep my earlier promise of updating this blog weekly. I am now on a target of writing fortnightly.

Target run (mins) for the week of Sept 12-18: Mon 30, Wed 80, Fri 40, Sun 215