Monday, 29 August 2011

Pumping up the training volume

Training runs in mins for the last two weeks:
Aug  15-21: Mon 31, Wed 60, Fri 45, Sun 181
Aug 22-28: Tue 29, Wed 46, Sat 30, Sun 135

Target for this week: Mon 30 (ran today), Wed 70, Fri 40, Sun 190

4 runs a week, three week in a row - not too bad!

I must apologise for not blogging last week. As you saw, I was busy running!

Ran about 27 km in the 3 hr run of Aug 21st. That was a great mental boost. If I can run 3hr, I think I can run 42km. I was wasted but I recovered really well the next day. Funny enough I seem to get more exhausted now after my shorter runs during weekdays. 

September is the month. My training volume will peak this month until I run 4 hr on 2nd Oct. I will then gradually taper until the race day!

I had a mildly soar shin after the Sunday (28th Aug) run of 2hr 15 min (20km) this week. This morning (Monday) it was the worst. I was feeling better as the day progressed. Maybe the distraction at work. It was almost gone after I went out for a short easy run in the evening. I hope the soar shin is noting serious. I can only guess and hope for better.

If you are keen, here are the training course of the Sunday runs from last two week.

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