Monday, 29 August 2011

Pumping up the training volume

Training runs in mins for the last two weeks:
Aug  15-21: Mon 31, Wed 60, Fri 45, Sun 181
Aug 22-28: Tue 29, Wed 46, Sat 30, Sun 135

Target for this week: Mon 30 (ran today), Wed 70, Fri 40, Sun 190

4 runs a week, three week in a row - not too bad!

I must apologise for not blogging last week. As you saw, I was busy running!

Ran about 27 km in the 3 hr run of Aug 21st. That was a great mental boost. If I can run 3hr, I think I can run 42km. I was wasted but I recovered really well the next day. Funny enough I seem to get more exhausted now after my shorter runs during weekdays. 

September is the month. My training volume will peak this month until I run 4 hr on 2nd Oct. I will then gradually taper until the race day!

I had a mildly soar shin after the Sunday (28th Aug) run of 2hr 15 min (20km) this week. This morning (Monday) it was the worst. I was feeling better as the day progressed. Maybe the distraction at work. It was almost gone after I went out for a short easy run in the evening. I hope the soar shin is noting serious. I can only guess and hope for better.

If you are keen, here are the training course of the Sunday runs from last two week.

Monday, 15 August 2011

Good Feeling

Last week (Aug 8-14) was good for training. Feeling pretty good after the 150 min (23km approx) run Sunday. I had neither ran this time nor this distance. Was a bit nervous about recovery especially as my knees started to get soar towards the end of the run. But felt quite recovered Monday morning. My blocks of training must be helping me. 

I will now gradually increase the Sunday run up to 4 hr in September. I intend to do it at an easy pace. Now that is going to be some serious duration of running. I hope I'll feel good after that. Will let you know in September.
Week's training in mins: Mon 23, Wed 50, Fri 20, Sun 150.

Monday, 8 August 2011

Things do not always go as planned!

After an encouraging last week, this week (Aug 1-7), I was so much looking forward to tick off every run for a two back-to-back 2+ hr Sunday runs. I missed Friday run - family matters. Sunday afternoon after about 15 mins it started to rain. I thought I'd continue but the rain got so torrential and the temperature suddenly dropped so much I had to unwillingly turn back at around 20 mins mark cutting short the run by 100 mins. What a shame. The rest of my Sunday I regretted I did not go out early in the morning. Not a good week for training at all. Especially I should not be missing the long runs at this point of my preparation.

Runs: Mon 31, Wed 64, Sunday 40 mins.