Sunday, 31 July 2011

Its all in the head

Good runs this week - Tuesday 30, Wed 50, Fri 30 and Sunday 130 mins.

I had a bit of struggle with myself to go out for today's 130 min run. Some days are like that without any reason. But once I went out, I was fine. At the start, I felt like I might not run the total  time today. I kept moving my legs. My head kept telling me otherwise, I kept moving on. At about 90 mins I came across a uber-steep section of the road. I started to have doubt that I might not be able to run this section. My head started to persuade me to walk. I refused. Huffing and puffing I ran this steep road. Was such a symbolic victory. The same story repeated again at 100 mins. I was tired by then but still managed to run the up-hill section. Had I walked any of these sections, I would have felt cheated myself. I am glad I ran those sections. 

I had some interesting conversation with myself on those steep sections today. I guess I managed to overcome the part of me that kept telling me to choose the easier way. I am glad I chose otherwise though it was difficult. I would have felt gross and would have regretted had I walked on my training today.

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