Sunday, 31 July 2011

Its all in the head

Good runs this week - Tuesday 30, Wed 50, Fri 30 and Sunday 130 mins.

I had a bit of struggle with myself to go out for today's 130 min run. Some days are like that without any reason. But once I went out, I was fine. At the start, I felt like I might not run the total  time today. I kept moving my legs. My head kept telling me otherwise, I kept moving on. At about 90 mins I came across a uber-steep section of the road. I started to have doubt that I might not be able to run this section. My head started to persuade me to walk. I refused. Huffing and puffing I ran this steep road. Was such a symbolic victory. The same story repeated again at 100 mins. I was tired by then but still managed to run the up-hill section. Had I walked any of these sections, I would have felt cheated myself. I am glad I ran those sections. 

I had some interesting conversation with myself on those steep sections today. I guess I managed to overcome the part of me that kept telling me to choose the easier way. I am glad I chose otherwise though it was difficult. I would have felt gross and would have regretted had I walked on my training today.

Monday, 25 July 2011

The magic of 10 percent in endurance training

It is freezing cold in Auckland - 4 degree Celsius. Luckily its not snowing like further down south. Cold has not dampened my running spirit. Week days I come back from work, put on my high-viz and run the cold dark streets of my neighbourhood.

To my great relief, after the 2hr run on Sunday last week I felt completely recovered when I woke up Monday morning. Our body is quite resilient. However, I am equally aware that I could have woken up with a sore leg if not for my training since April. I may have ended up with a bruised body. This is exactly where the importance of training comes in. I not only recovered but my legs also felt stronger. That is only because I am gradually conditioning my body to get used to longer period of running - increasing the weekly volume of running by not more than 10%. 

If I get carried away and ignored that 10% margin, I might be heading towards injury. That is what training is all about - conditioning our body to gradually build endurance. We want to hover right underneath the injury threshold. We want to push that boundary but not get injured. Recent sports research and runners' wisdom suggest that we may achieve this by following that magical figure of 10% every week.

You sure will be able to increase training volume by more than 10% but your chances of injury also goes up. For me, instead of feeling wasted after a week's training if I feel like I am itching for more - I had a successful training week!

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Calves and Knees

Today I had 2hr training session. My legs are tired for the first time since I started training in April. My knees and calves are bit sore. I'm not in pain but I can almost hear my knees and calves asking me - what was all that bashing all about? My soar legs could be due to number of factors. I ran 110 min last Sunday and 120 min this Sunday. Or it could be my exclusive running on road. The hard surface could be transmitting more shock to my system. I have kept off from any grass surface due to the constant wet weather in Auckland. The course today had some mean uphill. I did a loop means I ran down some mean slopes. The combination of up and down hill could have tested my legs. Whatever the reason, I will have to wait for few days to see how I recover. Good news is the coming week is a  recovery week. That means easy shorter runs. My knees and calves must be happy to know this.

Past two weeks I received additional $180 for the charity. The donation is now almost that elusive four figure.  

I did not update this blog last week. Apologies for that. I have also missed 2 runs of Monday and Friday this week. I had to choose among my priorities and was forced to give up the trainings. We all at times get so occupied with things to do in life. Sorting out our stuffs in life we miss what we like to do or what we should do, don't we?

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Run that matters the most

Thanks to Nirmal Thapa for mentioning my campaign in his recent article in The article can be viewed at 

I missed a scheduled run this week Friday. Life, again, came between me and my run schedule. I am not freaking out that I missed a run; it is OK to miss a few. The idea is not to miss the long run of the week on Sunday. It is the long run that matters the most. I did run my Sunday run of 80 min; 20 min down from last week's 100 min. This is my recovery week. Coming two weeks I'll be building means I'll be pumping up long runs of 110 and 120 mins on Sundays. My longest runs so far had been the half marathons I ran. These I completed around 2 hrs. I am now heading to an unknown territory how my body reacts to these long training runs. I shall find it out soon.