Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Importance of recovery

Apologies for being a bit late than a week to update the blog.

Recovery is reckoned vital to improve running performance. As someone has said - In running the distance you actually don't run (recovery) is more important than that you actually run.

I am in recovery mode this week after last Saturday's 3 hours' Te Henga walk ( with Riya, my one year old daughter, on my back. Throughly enjoyed the walk with family (Ranu and Riya) and three other friends. I could feel my muscles tire after the walk. Walked again an hour on Sunday. My limbs then said to me, "Raj, recovery time". That is what I am doing this week. So skipped the scheduled run of Monday. Took it easy on the 30 min session yesterday (Wed); Will be doing the same with the rest two scheduled run this week on Friday and Sunday.

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  1. Just take care of yourself...Good Luck to You my Fren...